This presentation is designed to take you through the basics of D-Star: What it is, and what it means to your station.

The video requires QuickTime 7 which can be obtained from The movie may take a little while to load.

It is also available in H.264 at for those having trouble viewing the embedded video.

I developed this presentation to give to clubs and other organizations in our area (Southwestern Missouri). It is constantly evolving to keep up with the newest of the new in D-Star. This version is somewhat out of date because it does not contain some of the newest announcements of the last few weeks (GMSK de-modulation, Gateway version 2, etc.) An update with these details will follow in a few weeks once I have compiled them and updated my outline and slide deck.

Running time is approx. 42 minutes.

I would appreciate ALL comments, concerns, and corrections. All information contained is to the best of my knowledge and research - I do make mistakes.

73, and I hope you learn something!
Adam, KC0YLK

[currently offline]My Callsign calculator for deciding how to program your D-Star Radio for operation on the Gateway system

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